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Resident Counselor
Molly Young, LPC-R

Molly Young, a graduate of The George Washington University with a Master of Arts in Counseling, furthered her expertise by interning at the GW clinic, where she supported clients with diverse Emotional Health challenges. With over five years of combined clinical and school counseling experience, Molly stands as a seasoned Resident in Counseling, School Counselor, and Emotional Health Coach.

Her dedication shines through as she assists individuals from various backgrounds, particularly children, adolescents, and young adults facing Anxiety, Trauma, and addiction. Molly's therapeutic approach integrates techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and trauma-informed modalities, including Attachment Theory and Reparenting. Additionally, she provides Christian counseling for those seeking a faith-centric perspective.

Molly's coaching certification underscores her commitment to guiding clients in reconnecting with their inner child and addressing previously neglected aspects of their emotional well-being. Her influence extends to public schools, where she has made significant contributions over the years.

At the core of Molly's philosophy is the belief in the inherent value of our inner child— that integral part of us yearning for validation, affection, and comprehension. She is dedicated to helping clients rediscover this part of themselves, assisting them in tackling challenges like depression, anxiety, codependency, relationship issues, and identity crises. Molly ensures her clients never feel isolated, especially when navigating traumatic experiences. With her guidance, they can face their deepest fears and vulnerabilities, drawing strength from the solutions within themselves.

Continuously seeking to enhance her expertise, Molly is currently pursuing a substance abuse certification. Outside her professional realm, she relishes in activities like running, hiking, and spending cherished moments with her family and dogs.


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